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With semi permanent make up (like microblading for the brows) on the rise, it can be difficult to know who to trust to receive these amazing procedures. Much like how I perform non-surgical rejuvenation, it is absolutely half art half science. Just because two providers use the same product, doesn’t mean the outcome will be the same. This is critical to know when choosing someone for your rejuvenation and semi-permanent make up needs. About 2 years ago I met Christina Handrak from Studio Kanti at Jiu Jitsu martial arts practice, and we became instant friends. I could tell she had similar qualities to me in the sense that we both take pride in what we do, continually attend ongoing trainings internationally, and promote a healthy and natural look using the safest products and procedures available.

If you would like to learn more about microblading I recommend you watch this video interview with Christina and I where we talk about microblading. We dish what you need to know before and after to maximize your treatment!

The full interview is available in my online aging well course which you can sign up for here and be notified when the next enrolment begins! http://bit.ly/2DeWsEs

Learn more about Studio Kanti here: http://www.studiokanti.ca/

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you learned something in this video!

Rachel Varga BScN, RN, CANS, Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist